Monday, January 9, 2012

Make a Cool Accent Table Out of a Clock

Just walking through your garage or storage space can reveal the supplies needed to make something really cool. I picked up the base for this clock table at a tag sale for $1 and stuck it in my garage knowing I would find a use for it some day.  It was originally the base of a bubble gum machine.  One day when I was taking down a non-working clock from my kitchen, I thought about how I could repurpose it. I remembered the stand stored in my garage and went to work on assembling the two pieces into one cool table.  I reinforced the back of the clock with some small cuts of wood, then used screws and glue to join the pieces. And now we have a "timeless" piece of furniture.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is a great way to add light, dimension and the illusion of increased space to any room in your house.. No longer are we limited to a dressing mirror in the bedroom or hung over a fireplace. We see mirrors in groupings with art work, on furniture  surfaces, even as backsplashes in a kitchen. Oversized, tall mirrors lend a  contemporary look leaning against a wall and in a dining room, a big mirror that reflects candlelight or the glow of a chandelier doubles the beauty.

Dressing up a mirror to match your decor is a great way to put your personal stamp on a space. At left a rectangular frameless mirror received a rustic treatment with small tree branches glued into place with acrylic adhesive This would work well in a cabin or beach cottage. By painting the branches silver or gold and adding some matching silver or gold leaf, this same mirror could hang in a more sophisticated setting. Driftwood, pieces of tile, seashells or even rows of beads or buttons could also be used to decorate your mirror. Even a broken mirror can be an object of beauty when the pieces are glued onto a sturdy surface in a mosaic style, sealing the broken edges with grout. Just be careful when handling broken glass as the shards can be be very sharp.

Here is a fun project to make with four inexpensive mirrors. I found mine at a dollar store. Choose square or rectangular shaped mirrors so the edges will meet, forming a box. Use household cement to secure. Since mine had a pierced frame I could still join the edges by using fine wire to connect them. Be sure to spray paint the backs of the mirrors the same color as the frames. Try placing the box over a vase of flowers, then place votive candles around the outside to reflect in the mirrors.  This creates a beautiful romantic glow.